Welcome to Republic Whitetails, Texas Deer Breeder #2546, established in 2004 to produce genetic superior whitetail deer. As most old timers will tell you in 2004, there was not a lot of written knowledge on raising deer. A lot of the day to day learning was from fellow breeders and just hands on experience. Sometime it was hard lessons to learn with death losses eating any possible profit up. Today, it is much better, but you still must rely on fellow breeders for help and guidance. We are here to help! Whether it is a health issue, pen design, breeding idea, or if you just want to visit, give us a call.

We started in 2004 with a genetic doe foundation from some of the established breeders of that time: Buddy Jordan (Rolex /Bruno), Leo Hicks (Leo/Baker44), Vernon Mosley (Chucky/White 7/Dinero), Rick Jones (Handsome). Later, we began an intensive AI program with Earnest Bailes of ReproSelect using semen from Maxbo, Gladiator, Stickers, Elvis, Monarch II, Cactus 10, Bushwacker II, Budro, Maxbo Troubadour, Hollywood, VM Green 88, and Michigan Weapon. We believe that the northern influence is important but in a controlled environment. Now, to the next level, with Gladiator Select, Kid Dynamite, and Max Dream to increase the strong Texas bloodlines.

Our facility consist of 32 acres of pens with a “First Class” working facility. We feed the 16% Purina Textured feed along with their High Energy supplement. Our water troughs are cleaned and rotated weekly. Our deer are rotated to vacant pens every 35 days to help control parasites and fecal cultures are taken every 60 days. The deer are worked and vaccinated twice per year (Oct/April) and wormed with feed if necessary in between. My medical background and cattle experience have been invaluable in our health program. We maintain a breeding herd of 80 does, so each year we are turning over some young very productive females. Every deer in our herd was born in our facility. We believe that is one reason that we have such a low mortality even with northern genetic influence.