Corlay Ranch was established in 1986 with a small herd of crossbred cattle. In the 1990’s, we went to a registered Santa Gertrudis herd with a mixture of show cattle and herd bulls. In 2004, we began to build an eventual herd of 330 registered Brangus cattle with show cattle, herd sires, international semen sales, and a national reputation in the breed. With the drought of 2010-2011, we made the decision to do what we do best…be grass farmers.

Over the course of the last twenty years, Corlay Ranch has obtain a reputation for quality hay in Walker County. Winner of Best of Show numerous times in the county show, as well as many blue ribbons in the State Fair Hay shows, we are proud of what we have been able to accomplish in our hay production.

It is not by accident. We use a combination Coastal/Jiggs Bermuda grass, with a pre-emergent herbicide spray, 400-500# of blended fertilizer, cut on a 28- 30 day schedule (weather permitting), tethered on the second day, baled by John Deere end net wrap, stored vertically in the barn- never wet, fields are top dressed with nitrogen after each second cutting, fields are spot sprayed for weeds after every cutting. A lot of work but that is what it takes to make quality hay.

We also use Ball Clover in the winter to help fix the nitrogen, serve as a winter crop for the deer or yearling cattle if we run some, and to provide a sale crop in the early spring. Many ranchers have discovered the benefit of feeding the ball clover hay and actually seeding their pastures. Once established, it will last into May and with bloat blocks out, there is virtually no bloat problems. There is a limited number available in June, and they are sold on a first come, first served basis.

Call for pricing, volume discounts, and delivery arrangements can be made.